Powerful Photos

Pictures hold memories, share experiences, and capture moments. But most importantly, pictures tell stories.
Some photos say more than words ever could.

This photo is no exception:

Firemen raise the American flag at Ground Zero in NY

The graphic invokes raw emotion and really captures the feelings, positive and negative, that resulted from the Sept. 11th tragedy. Taking the memorable painting from Iwo Jima and recreating it, likening it to this experience, made the story impactful. Among all the photos of fire, destruction and death, this photo captured the strength and the patriotism of all Americans, and provided an inspiring, positive image against a background of suffering. It shows ordinary people rising to an extraordinary challenge. The use of gray around the men and flag allows the colors (mostly red, white, and blue) to pop, and emphasizes the historical symbolism. The eye is drawn to the flag first and then naturally follows the pole line to the men. It works perfectly.
This picture is icnonic and will be remembered, as September 11th will, for a long time.


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