State of the Union 2011

We all know the economy is suffering. But, Obama remained optimistic about innovation and reform in his State of the Union Adress.

For those of you who missed the speech, here’s the Reader’s Digest version

In my words…

“This is our generation’s Sputnik moment.”

Obama calls for innovation through education reform, energy conservation and national deficit reduction.

And in theirs…

“State of the Union is better; state of Obama is strong.”

The Atlanta Journal Constitution

“Forward together, or not at all.”

The Richmond Times-Dispatch

“Obama Ushers in Era of Divided Government With Appeal”

The San Francisco Chronicle

The Times-Dispatch has the best headline in my opinion, because it expresses the message of the address, not just a vague opinion about how it went (*cough AJC *cough). The direct quote is always a nice, effective way to draw in the reader, offering context without specificity, which makes the reader curious. The Chronicle’s nonsense about an era of divided government only appeals to people truly interested in the politics of Obama’s speech, not his emotion, not his desire to regain the trust of the people and move forward as a country. Plus, when has the government not been divided? Also, the AJC article was an editorial, and reflected one reporter’s opinion on the story, which may be interesting, but only in conjunction with an objective article of the speech. I couldn’t find a full text of the address on the site.

Want more than the RD version? Check out “the scoop” for Obama’s main points or click on the blue links above.



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