The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

El Economista (Madrid)

A tri-color design with character and variety. The nameplate is at the top and easily visible. The skyboxes are interesting teasers, but not distracting. Excellent use of white space and large typography. The infographic serves the function of text with the appeal of picture. The 5-column-design provides room to say a lot without getting too narrow or text heavy.

The Wall Street Journal (NY)

Too much black text. A boxy, vertical design, particularly with the mile-long columns on the left. All stories are given equal importance with size and typography. Without reading context, I dont know to which story the picture belongs (the one on the left? Below?) The nameplate is dull, though the serifs make it easy to read.

The New York Post Online (NY)

A hot mess of colorful ads with little text. There are no bits of stories, only links to news (right next to gossip). Undies is the first word I see, which doesn't bode well for the reputation of the paper. My eyes keep wandering, distracted. The page is not informative. I find myself unable to take the NY Post seriously.

What do you think?


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One response to “The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

  1. Rachel this is a well-designed, well-thought out blog and post. Your theme is great.

    WSJ is famous for that nameplate and for its layout, albeit has changed some with the new ownership. Sometimes, it is nice as a reader to know exactly where things are on a page each day and the Journal does that or at least it did – the page you pulled is old.
    The NY Post is blindingly scrambled and while I cannot read the news from this end it looks like the white space was abused. It is as you say UGLY…

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